What do I do?

Whether you have an emergency or you have a love one slowly losing their independence,  Assisting Seniors LLC can help!  Call Now 850-637-5511

Suppose you have a loved one in the hospital who can't be left alone, and you can not be there.

Suppose you have a love one in an assisted living facility or nursing home and they are wandering the halls, or afraid to stay alone.

Suppose you live in another state, and you can not help your parents who no longer can drive.  They need help shopping, driving to appointments, or other things they find difficult to do.  From meal preparations, light cleaning, or reminding them and make sure they take the correct medication, Assisting Seniors can be your answer!

Suppose you work and realize you can no longer leave you love one alone by themselves.

Assisting Seniors can help with these services from 3 hours per shift to 24/7

1.  After you and your family make the decision you need and want an outside caregiver for help, get all your questions in order and start calling for your answers. It cost nothing to start with us.   

2. Some Questions you may have.


Is your agency licensed by the state?

Do you have a business license in your city?

Are your care workers bonded and/or insured?

Are your care workers legal residents of the U.S.?

Which types of services do you provide?

How do you screen your care workers?

 What training do you provide?

How do you retain great employees?

What supervision do you provide?

Can we interview different care workers and choose which one we'll work with?

How do you charge for in home care?

What do you charge?  

Are there in extra charges?

Do you accept payment from insurance companies?

Are your care workers employees or independent contractors?

Ask if the agency will take care of all payroll paperwork (including taxes, insurance, benefits and workmen compensation), or if that will be your responsibility.. Remember some one is responsible for employee taxes, and  if some one gets hurt on the job, workmen comp will help in their medical bills.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE!

What kind of service agreement is required?

Do you have consistent assignments, or will the care workers change on a regular basis?

What happens if my normal care worker is sick or on vacation?.

What happens if my normal care worker leaves the agency?

How do you handle conflicts between a care worker and a client?

Am I expected to provide meals for the care workers we hire?

Can your employees drive my loved one to appointments or social outings? What, if any, mileage charges apply?

Can I talk to former or current clients?

Finding the right home care for your loved one can be daunting, but it's a crucial process to ensure that he or she gets the the support and care they need to stay at home.  The better informed you are, the more  likely you're to find the right fit for your loved one and their needs.

Trust and feeling comfortable  will be what you are searching for when interviewing a reliable agency and their caregiver that fits in with your family.  These questions will help you make your decision!                       

CALL US TODAY OR GO TO THE "Contact Page" where you can Ask any Question",   Please include some of the information you feel  what you may need from us!  We would be honored to help you, and talking to us cost nothing. So, if we can assist you by doing nothing more than helping you be better informed, than we have our reward!



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