Why Choose Us
After you and your family make the decision you need and want an outside caregiver's help, get all your questions in order and start calling for your answers. It cost nothing to start with us. 

One thing you want to make sure of is if the agency will take care of all payroll paperwork (including taxes, insurance, benefits and workmen compensation). Remember when working through an agency, all the tax and insurance liability is taken out of your hands!

Suppose you have a loved one in the hospital who can't be left alone, and you can not be there.

Suppose you have a love one in an assisted living facility or nursing home and they are wandering the halls, or all of a sudden afraid to be alone.

Suppose you work and realize you can no longer leave you love one alone by themselves.

Suppose you live in another state, and you can not help your parents who no longer can drive. They need help shopping, driving to appointments, or other things they find difficult to do. From meal preparations, light cleaning, or reminding them and make sure they take the correct medication, Assisting Seniors can be your answer!

Whether you have an emergency or you have a love one slowly losing their independence, Assisting Seniors LLC can help!