Frequently Asked Questions

Trust and feeling comfortable with the person coming into your home, will be what you are searching for when interviewing a reliable agency and their caregiver that fits in with your family.

These questions will help you make your decision

How long have you been in business?

Assisting Seniors stated serving the Pensacola and panhandle community in May of 2008!


Is your agency licensed with the State?

Yes, in order for a business to provide services for the elderly, they must have a license with the State!  The AHCA is the agency that provides the licenses.   Our license number is 234443


Do you have a business license with the city?



Are you bonded and insured?



Alzheimer patients need to have a familiar face each day. Do you change caregivers often?

Many agencies will, and there are pros and cons for each reason!  WE do not change the caregiver once both caregiver and Client are comfortable with each other.  This is much easy on the Client, especially ALZ patients.  It also makes it much easier to schedule caregivers each week!  So we just ask that you do not tip or gift our caregivers and do not ask them to work for you directly.


What make you different from other agencies?

In 1984, we had a personal experience caring for a loved one who was a stoke victim.  We saw very quick how important caregivers were, not only to our Grandmother, but to our entire family as well!  Now , we do our best to find people who have a caring heart.  Skill-set alone isn't enough to insure a place on our team.  Experience,  patiences, a true sense of caring for others, and integrity are all equally important. We also know that issues come up in every business, but it is our promise to you, that we will go over and above to correct any issue or concern a Client or their Family may have! AGAIN, ONCE A CAREGIVER IS PLACED AND YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THEM, THEY WILL STAY UNTIL YOU NO LONGER NEED THEM OR THEY HAVE AN EMERGENCY AND NEED A LEAVE OF ABSENCES.  When You make that choice, know You will have peace of mine when Assisting Seniors ' caregivers arrives.

After you and your family make the decision you need and want an outside caregiver's help, get all your questions in order and start calling for your answers.
It cost nothing to start with us.