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It was a brisk spring morning in 1984, I was awakened by a phone call from my Aunt Marie. All upset, she eventually got it out, “Chetti had a stroke!” My grandmother survives, but at 26 years old, I really did not understand what that meant for her future. I never though anything like this would happen to us. How naive I was.

After her hospital stay, some rehab, and everything that could be done for her, it was all but impossible to bring her home. We were at a loss of what to do. With no movement on her right side, and no speech, we sought out the best Nursing Home in the area. Being from a big Italian family, someone from the family could go see her every day, and we did. If he was not sick himself, our Grandfather went to see her every day until he died 3 years later! This rotation worked great for us for a while, but we needed help!

We needed some one to help her during the hours that we were not there, so we sought out private sitters. This was our first experience with people called caregivers. Our caregivers, Cathleen and Mary gave Chetti the same compassion and respect that we gave her. They were a tremendous help!

The average stay in a nursing home is 3 years! I don’t know why Chetti lived for 10 years, but I do know she knew she was loved with the special care we all provided for her. Cathleen and Mary, allowed her to keep her dignity and we were grateful! We respected them, and they respected her!

During that time, we saw many lonely people in this Nursing Home. Sometime I reflect back when I would stop to just say hello to a weary soul. Most people just wanted someone to talk to. Some would smile, some not, but all were appreciative that you stopped to say Hi!

A quality, independent life is what we all would like, whether we are handicapped or blessed enough to live to a ripe old age. It is sometime hard to think or talk about this when there is no need to. To know your family's options before you need this type of service is the best way to not be caught off guard and God forbid, something happens and you do.

As Director of Assisting Seniors, along with our staff, would like to offer the extra Care it takes to have the quality of life we all desire for ourselves and our loved ones. I know first hand how important these special people were to my family and when hiring my staff, I keep Cathleen and Mary in mind as my standard example who I want on our team! It is my desire to have a team of caregivers that reflect their behavior, attitude, and genuine concern. Thank you for your time!

Charles Lillo

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