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It was a brisk spring morning in 1985, I was awakened by a phone call from my aunt, Marie. All upset, she eventually got it out, “Chetti had a stroke!”  My grandmother survives, but at 24 years old, I really did not understand what that meant for her future. 

   After some rehab and all that could be done at the hospital, it was impossible to bring my her home. We were at a loss of what to do.  With no movement on her right side, and no speech, we sought out the best Nursing Home which was our only option.  Being from a big Italian family, some one from the family could go see here everyday, and we did.  This worked great for us for a while.  Eventually, there were two family members that actually spent most of the time with our Grandmother.  Though we were there to help,those two need a break once in a while.  We needed to get some Respite (Relief) Care for them as well.

   The average stay in a nursing home is 3 years!  Chetti lived for 10 years because she knew she was loved with the special care we provided for her.  Cathleen and Mary, both Care Givers, became part of our family.  We respected them, and they respected her!

   During that time, we saw many lonely people in this Nursing Home.   Sometime I reflect back when I would stop to just say hello to a weary soul, and most people just wanted some one to talk to.

   A quality, independent life is what we all would like, whether we are handicapped or blessed enough to live to a ripe old age.

   As Director of Assisting Seniors along with our staff, all would like to offer the extra Care it takes to have the quality of life we all desire for ourselves and our loved ones.  Thank you for your time!


                                             Charles Lillo


Our Family of Care Givers

When our families merge, Assisting Seniors  provides many services, affordable, in-home support, dignity, and independence for elderly or disabled family  members.  Our full-service care is a winning answer to an often difficult question.  You can rest assure knowing that our care givers are more than employees, and skill-set alone isn't enough to insure a place on our team.  Integrity and a true sense of caring for others is equally important.  All care givers are experienced, bondable, insured, and have passed an intensive pre-employment screening process. 

Each care giver has to go through a level two
background check to join our winning team!  So rest assure that when you go with Assisting Seniors, you go with one of the best!   It's time to make that call.

Don't wait! 
Has your loved one fallen in the last 6 months?  Have they been through rehab for any reason whereby they would need some assistance when they get back home?  Call Assisting Seniors for a family consultation so we can be ready when you need us!  Consultations are no charge, and when ready, all you have to do is Call Us!

Assisting Seniors

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